Channel Overview selection erratic drag behaviour (9.0.30) (Reported)

  1. Add 32 Audio Tracks.
  2. Open MixConsole.
  3. Enable Channel Overview. (in Setup Window Layout)
  4. Try to drag the highlighted mixer view in the Overview

Result: You can’t drag it normally, but instead the right side of the highlighted part jumps to your cursor’s location.

This issue persists in the update.

Can someone try to reproduce this so we can confirm it’s not just on my end?

To state it more clearly: the highlighted area doesn’t react like it’s being dragged but jumps around instead.

It’s reproducible. Just to add to it, mine actually jumps to the beginning(left) when I drag it towards the right.

same here, this one can defo go

Persists in 9.0.20

Persists in 9.0.30

Updated the GIF example.