Channel Preamp section with Generic Remote

Sorry, wasn’t able to find answer using search on the forum
Is there any way to control LC, HC and Pre Gain with generic remote?
I can’t find it anywhere, maybe it’s secret and hidden? :slight_smile:

I did ask this some time ago, unfortunately still not available

Hope devs will hear us :slight_smile:


Depending on a lot of things, you might be able to do that using Quick Controls, which does include LC, HC and Pre Gain etc.

There might even be a QC preset for it on your system, see top entry:

Thanx for the workaround Stevein Chicago.
The disadvantage of this is that we need to set it up for each newly created channel. Which is kinda workflow killer in comparison to assigning it to Generic Remote
Unless there is a way for it to be assigned by default. Will check it out

I don’t have such preset. No problem to create though, but still, it’s not the perfect solution
I also don’t have that Get Default QCs from Plug-in, I wonder why?

Is there any news on this?
Thanks, Matze.