Channel selection change when writing automation


Nuendo changes the selected track in the mix/edit window when you release a control after writing automation. This happens if an event is selected in the project window on another track.

To recreate do this:

  1. Select an even on a track.
  2. Open the edit window on another track and activate write automation.
  3. Press play, move the channel fader and release the fader.
  4. The edit window changes to the track which has the selected event.

Feels like a bug. Maybe not a bad one but really annoying until I figured out how to avoid it.
This is on N12.0.70 (Mac).

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Still annoying, bump

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Do you have the Track Selection Follows Event Selection option in the Preferences > Editing enabled by any chance?

Yes, turning it off fixes the issue. Thank you Martin!

Must say it feels a bit “bugg-ish” when releasing automation selects another track though.

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I agree that this behavior should be improved, I prefer to always have the link events and track option on to quickly select which tracks to automate! It would be great if there were a preference that could change the behavior of selecting automation points after writing so or some such so that track selection doesn’t get messed up when writing points on multiple tracks from a single fader using Q-link.