Channel separation?

I recently purchased a UR12 interface and I like the interface and software quite a bit. I have tried to record an acoustic guitar and vocal at the same time using both inputs on the UR12, each into a separate track. Both tracks record, but they both record the same thing, like there is no separation between the two inputs. Am I configuring the Cubase software incorrectly, or is what I’m trying to do not possible?

You probably need to unlink the channels as they are probably linked in a stereo configuration. You could also pan the (input) channels hard left and right.

Thank you. I’m not sure what you mean by “linked.” I tried stereo and mono inputs and outputs in almost every combination I could think of. I even installed a newer driver. Not there yet.

In the DSPMIXFX app it is the control at the very top of the channel area. In Cubase this is controlled by how you have your input channels set up in VST connections either as a Stereo pair or separate mono inputs (it may have created a stereo pair by default). It is possible to have input 1 & 2 as a stereo pair and additionally add 2 mono inputs referencing the same physical inputs - in Cubase Pro these can be set up a as “child inputs”. The channels will in this case show no hardware controls for the mono channels - only for the stereo pair.
What you need in your case are two mono inputs routed to two mono recording tracks, routed to a stereo output. The amount amount of signal left and right being controlled by the pan control on the specific recording track.

I appreciate the help. I tried this and it does not work. There are no pan controls for mono tracks in Cubase Elements. The thing is, whether mono or stereo tracks, both inputs seem to record to both mono tracks or stereo channels. I’m not going to put much more effort into this. For now I’m more interested in recording vocals and acoustic guitar through a microphone like a live performance type. Thank you.

I somehow got it to work with a stereo track and stereo inputs. I named the inputs and outputs, unchecked the loopback box in the driver setup. I’m not totally sure what fixed the issue, but I saved the project as a template and have now made about a half dozen projects with this setup. I can use the pan control to mix the guitar and vocal and then mix down to mono. Sounds good.

I just saw this. There is absolutely ability to pan a mono track in Cubase Elements.

I can only guess you either did not setup two mono inputs in VST connections with the desired inputs, or you did not select those created inputs for each channel you are recording. Evey mono track should have the ability to pan. If those tracks have not the selected inputs within the Inspector window, then yes they will both receive what you give them as the default Mono input.

I do think you need to address this as you are wasting disk space by recording to two stereo tracks rather than two mono ones. And other reasons…

The two stereo inputs are recorded by one stereo track. I’m mixing with the fader, then mixing down to a mono file. In the Mix Console there was no fader for any mono track. I do not have the DspMixFx and I don’t think the UR12 supports it, if that was where I should find faders for mono tracks. Thanks.

Correct, the UR 12 does not have DSPMixFX app.
I assume you’ve installed the accompanying Cubase software.
What do you have set up in VST Connections?

Isn’t the UR 12 one in two out interface?

To me is looks like you have configured in the vst connection input tab 1 stereo input and 2 mono inputs.

Now when you record are you sure you have selected the right (=correct) input channel on the to be recorded channel? Each channel should have the mono channel defined in the vst connections.

You can have the channels double mapped, like 1 stereo and 2 mono channels and re-use the channels for the mono configuration (hope this makes sense to you)

This is beginning to go round in circles.
To recap, you are recording an acoustic guitar and a vocal onto two separate tracks. I assume you’re using two mics. Both dynamic or a dynamic and a condenser? Is it possible that both mics are picking up everything? The mics in this case need to be highly directional and properly oriented close to the source. Please provide more detail in this respect including type of mics (make, model) used.
Furthermore, describe as I mentioned previously how your vst input / output connections are configured in Cubase AI (the software bundled with the hardware). Screenshots included as images here would not be amiss :wink: .

I think what really solved the issue was renaming the inputs( mic, Guitar). Then when I started a project and added input bus, I noticed the program automatically added the mic (input 1) for both channels. I just changed the second one to Guitar and it worked. The UR12 has 1 microphone input and 1 HI-Z input. I use the Mic for vocals and plug my acoustic/electric guitar into the HI-Z. It’s working great now. I just never expected the program to set up both channels for the same input, because that makes no sense to me. Without naming the inputs, it’s not that obvious. These are both audio inputs, no VST usage for these projects. That may be my next issue.