Channel settings automatically loaded from linked .vmx file

I am still using old Cubase 5.5.3 but it could actually be very probably taken as request for a new feature (in case it is not already there in C8+) - what about automatic channel linking to external channel preset file?

I mean: let’s say I am working on an album with 14+ songs that should have the same settings for some tracks like all drums and all vocals. I can do it with “Save/Load Selected Channels” right-click mixer option but it is quite big drag when you realize that with every even small change that was made to a specific mixer channel I always have to go thru all those 14+ songs loading those channels manually every single time! :frowning:

So I think it’d be really great if we could simply link those channels to some common external specific channel .vmx preset file that would automatically load its preset to specified linked channel(s) when the project is loaded so without any additional user input all those linked channels in all those 14+ songs would always have/maintain their actual settings automatically applied to them - all it needs to be done would be just saving the actual version to that external .vmx file… :wink:

Is it possible already in the newest C8 or…? :confused:

This does not exist, but some variant of your idea has been suggested for many years (by me for one).

MY idea is a linked -Template- CPR…

When you opened a regular CPR, if it were linked to that Template, Cubase would inform you if the Template had been updated. And if so, you could allow the changes to be applied to yer CPR.

So in your case, if you created a template for “My Album” and updated a channel strip, the next time you opened one of the 14 songs, you’d be asked if you wanted to apply the template changes to yer song.

I want this for lots of other things as well… such as colour schemes.

So what are they (Steinberg) waiting for still? They have implemented some really useless stuff but not such a handy thing like this one? Ah…