Channel Settings - Copy/pasting not working

A hangover from C5 and N5 - I’ve just hit it in C6.

There was confirmation back at C5 but also by SB Mod at this point in a thread in the old Nuendo forum (with video of issue):-

The same is seen when doing this by saving and loading of mixer Channel settings (*.vmx files) within the same project; across different projects, it seems to be ok

I’m on Vista32 so not supported.

The only way to see the second instance of the compressor side-chain in the ‘sends’ drop-down shown in the video, is when you load and enable side-chain in a new instance of the FX in the second Group Track.

(no [BUG] until there’s Win7 confirmation). :wink:


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maybe just me then (or just a Vista32 issue).