Channel settings editor always "always on top"

i’m having a problem with the channel settings editor. When i open it, it is always “on top”. If i disable the always on top, then close and reopen it, the always on top is automatically enabled again.
It is a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Theres a setting for always on top in the preferences… not sure if it ties into your issue…

That preference setting is for vst plugins, not for the channel settings window.
Any ideas?

Yea, I wasn’t too sure…
I’ll see if I can at least replicate this one that way you know you’re not buggin’ out lol

Just tested on mac osx 10.8.2 , Cubase 7.01.
I don’t have your issue.
It works OK for me , hence : the “always on top” setting is remembered when i close and re-open the Channnel Settings.

So when i disable the setting, close the panel and re-open it , it stays on “disabled”
When i enable the setting and close the panel and re-open it, it stays on “enabled”.

Yea, tested this and can’t replicate. Works fine for me… :nerd:

I can confirm this on W7, it only seems to happen when using the mixer in full screen mode, it’s quite annoying…

I had the same issue all of a sudden.
My Mixer Console was NOT on full screen but it was filling the screen, if you know what i mean.
When i resized it to a slightly smaller shape the Channel Editor windows remember their “Always on top” setting correctly.

It was driving me crazy.

Hope it helps.

I’m OsX 10.7.5