Channel settings fader level gradations dis appear.

Basically, I’ve noticed that in 8.5 (and 8.5.1), the fader level scale numerals in the Channel settings window (in project window) disappear if/once a Mixconsole window has been opened where its own scale numerals have been hidden due to width resizing. In other words, even after the Mixconsole is closed, the Channel settings fader numerals in the project window are absent.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open project with tracks of any sort.
  2. Open Channel settings (“e”) on a given track; notice fader scale numbers “6,0, 5, 10” etc., as expected.
  3. Now, open Mixconsole. Shrink width of tracks so that fader scale numbers of tracks become hidden.
  4. Close Mixconsole, returning to project page. Open Channel settings on a any given track.
  5. Fader scale numbers in Channel settings are absent, no matter how much resizing of the Channel setting window you do.
    The only way to get the fader scale numbers back, is to re-open the Mixconsole, and increase the track width there, so
    that its track faders show their numbers.

    (I can’t imagine that this is the desired behaviour)