Channel Settings for MIDI Tracks - Hidden Easter Egg?

Hello !

Most of you have probably noticed there is no Edit button for MIDI Channels :

midi channel edit button

But there is one way to access this hidden Easter Egg.
Open the Channel Settings of any audio channel, then click the arrows to cycle through the channels until it selects a MIDI Channel :


midi channel settings

It gives the same feeling we have when we observe something we weren’t supposed to see.

You can access it through the Inspector too actually. This window has always been rarely used.

I think the MIDI channel Edit button was originally removed from the console because, before the MixConsole redesign introduced with Cubase 7, people would click that button thinking that it would open the channel settings for the connected VST plugin, and waste time opening a window that’s rarely useful during mixing. Not having the button makes it instantly clear that this isn’t the channel you’re looking for.

You can still access it by right clicking the MIDI channel on the console, but the MixConsole window will usually already provide easy access to everything from the Channel Settings window anyway, depending on your settings.

The Strip tab isn’t supposed to be there of course. I believe this has already been reported to Steinberg.