Channel Settings Keyboard shortcut failures

  1. Create empty project

  2. Add an audio track

  3. Click Edit Channel Settings

  4. Bring Focus to the Equaliser section (orange border)

  5. Press Alt/option + A to Deactivate EQ

  6. EQ does not Deactivate / (Single Alt/option key is tied to ‘Suspend Channel linking’ options) while pressing A on the Mac Gives a Bell

  7. In order for the EQ to deactivate successfully with keyboard shortcut above - you have to re-define the focus in the EQ frequency response curve window,- which in turn alters EQ settings.

  8. If the focus is shifted to the black border inside the EQ window, only the Channel Pre section gets Bypassed.

  9. The above steps are also applicable to the Alt-F option to invert the EQ curve / this can also change the phase of the Channel Pre Section instead.

    Mac OS X 10.11.6
    Cubase 8.5.20 B 169

Replicated on two separate Mac Systems (MBP/15-mid2009 & MacPro/mid2008)

Cheers, 8)