Channel Settings - Minor Fixes for keyboard navigation

In Channel Settings, when in EQ Page:

-Pre section LC and HC do not respond to Alt+A to activate/deactivate them. They DO resposnd to Alt+Up/Down to change frequency which automatically activates them though. There is no way to change the slope with a keyboard though.

-On the main EQ section. There is no way to select eq-type per band with a keyboard.

Channel Strip:

-All plugins that have a sidechain option available have said sidechain’s focus point on top. Which disrupts the normal navigational path. It’s usually over threshold, so if you focus on the plug and want to go to threshold, you must press [Down (notice the sidechain’s control point), Right, Left]. The control point should go to the bottom, where the button is.

A general observation:

Commands: “Edit Primary parameter: Increase/Decrease” and “Edit Secondary parameter: Increase/Decrease” are used in just one place in my knowledge, on the channel fader. Primary is the volume fader itself, and secondary is the pan pot.

On the other hand, there is Alt+Up/Down. This combination works in all other places to increase/decrease parameters, but it is not a recognized command in the Keycommands window. Why is that? It’s like Alt+Up/Down is the system default for Primary Increase but it doesn’t admit it.