channel settings not following track selection

This seems to be very specific to its task.
Here are the conditions.

  1. Your project window has selected track
  2. open “channel settings”
  3. now select a track in the mixer window (on the second monitor) and be sure that the mixer config does not have any tracks that are presently in your project window.
  4. now go back to the project window and select another track and the channel settings appear for the other track you selected in the mixer (not the track you just selected in the project window after coming back from the mixer) but if you hit your keystroke to make the channel setting appear it will then update to your selected track in the project window.

Scroll to track is on in the mixer but the track that is in the mixer remains selected. I suspect this is the cause?


This sounds very similar to other report here on the forum.

Is any of the track in the Project window collapsed into the folder?

The track selected in the project windows is in a folder but the folder is open. The tracks on the mixer are my busses which are not in the same folder. I see you recommend trashing my 9.5 prefs but is there a specific part of the prefs I would trash? I am trying to keep what I can.
Thank you


Most of the stuff are in the defaults.xml, so you can street with this. I don’t know exactly in which preferences or is (I’m not sure if it’s in the preferences at all), so it’s hard to recommend a file.