Channel Settings Popup Top Collapsed! How to Restore to Proper Size?

This is suddenly how ALL channel popups on ALL projects look.
I cannot drag bottom right corner to stretch.
The controls are thankfully active but I cannot see a way to restore the height.
Any ideas?

Strange… Seems like the whole window content under the toolbar has been lifted by something like 20 pixels.

Have you tried to use the two far right toolbar buttons, if they are still reachable (Setup window layout and Setup toolbar ones) ?

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This happened this morning and I’ve been working with it all day, and I’ve noticed that when I initially open the channel popup the strip is there and the right height.

It’s when the white bar (the ‘name’) appears that then pushes the top strip behind the rest of the channel display.

Thankfully all controls are active. Thanks for the suggestion but yes I have tried configuring / resetting the layout to no avail. I don’t use workspaces.

I think this might be a Windows bug. It certainly doesn’t help that I can’t resize the popup so I think that’s on Steinberg, but I think the popup is being opened at the size it needs to be, and then Windows labelling it at the top is messing up the display because there’s nowhere for the content to go.

You should be able to reset the window.

Select the one in question, and hit Reset Layout

(This is in Nuendo – it’s the same in Cubase)

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As of this morning the problem has resolved itself :slight_smile:

I don’t turn my PC off at night - and I had already tried a reboot. Bizarre.

Thanks for the tip. If I have any other issues that is definitely another thing to try (can confirm yes it’s exactly the same in Cubase 10).