Channel Settings Window On Top?


I’ve asked this before without success :frowning: Let me reword it: When I have a VST instrument open and I select ‘E’ on the track to open Edit Channels Settings, the window opens in back of the VST. When I click on the Channel Setting boarder I would think it would bring it to the front, but it stays in back. Is there any setting/preference, that will allow me to bring the Channels Setting window to the front when I click on it?




Right click to the header of the window and enable Always on Top. At the other hand, plug-in windows have also this option enabled. Question is, who wins in this case. :wink:

Hey Thx for the reply! Unfortunately, there’s no option when I right click the header (?). Some Windows programs have this available…Cubase isn’t one of them.

I didn’t a google search. Forgot about Power Tools…that was an old add-on, that doesn’t work with 64bit systems. There are other options, but I haven’t found any that I’m happy with. But you’ve sent me down the right road. Thx


Cubase has Always on Top for various different windows, including the one you refer to.
See gif.

:blush: Hey Steve that took care of it. I was right clicking on the very top. I knew it was an easy thing. VERY MUCH appreciated! And thx again to Martin.


I had a problem with this as well with Cubase 10…no ‘Always On Top’ on the top header.

apparently, i have to right-click on the BOTTOM of the Channel Settings Window. Below the equalizer settings in an empy spot

Have a look at the Cubase 10 forum,

Mines is hidden behind channel strip and equalizer… cant get to channel setting features like load/save / presets