Channel Settings Window

The Fader Section in the Channel Settings window has become huge.

The window Size is not adjustable.
In The window view settings are not available Insertion, faders, sends.

In version 9.5 All this was and everything was regulated. How to fix it?

Duplicate of this post.

Thank you, Martin Jirsak.
Your advice has helped and the Faders section has become normal.
But There are still no inserts, faders and sends in the Settings view window.
The channel settings Window cannot be reduced or enlarged by pulling the mouse over the left or right edge of the window.
In version 9.5 All this was regulated.
Whether it is Possible to fix it, or it is so conceived by the developer in version 10.


The window is not resizable in Cubase 10. But you should be able to show/see all elements. Could you attach a screenshot, please?

I had to trash my prefs to get this back to normal.

Why can’t we re size this now? seems like a backwards step.