Channel sound is stuck in export

Hey guys,

I have no idea what to do, I have a project with a channel that is silent since the second minute, but in the export this channel is makes sounds when it’s not supposed to (it’s an instrument track). It still makes sounds even though it’s silent in the project.

It’s not sus64 that is accidently left on, and again, in the project when I listen to the track, it won’t make that sound when it’s not supposed to, it’s only present in the export. Even in real time export it’s present…

Does anyone have any experience with such thing? I can’t export this song…

Thanks a lot for any help

EDIT: It only works if I automate the volume down…it’s something, but just doesn’t make any sense


Could you try to quit the project and reopen it? Or could you try to make a backup of the project and try to export from the back up?

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Hello Martin,

I’m sorry for replying late, yes I double checked, it happens again when re-opening the project
I still didn’t try to backup I will try that and report here

I was hoping there is a solution to this bug, as I can already solve this by automating the volume to 0 anyway


I tried to backup and export, didn’t help at all.

This is totally random for me but with the same random instruments again and again in each project. So far it happened with Kontakt instruments, and with Hammond B-3x.

I would think it might be the Hammond B-3x but why does it happen with Kontakt instruments too?

Does anyone have experience with this? I’m getting discouraged by all the bugs in Cubase