Channel sound separation

Hi all
I am new to this and am confused by my recording results maybe someone can put me on the right track
I am using a Yamaha MG166 cx usb mixer with the correct drivers etc running Cubase AI 6 in windows XP I have set Cubase up with the yamaha usb driver and can record and playback through the PA speakers what is confusing me is that after setting cubase up to 2 mono inputs 1 for guitar and one for voice both channels are blended together when played ie i still get voice through the guitar channel and vise vera even when i mute either of the channels, when recording the waveform on both channels appears the same.

I was under the impression that channels 1-8 from the mixer would each record as seperate channels in cubase i am only using 2 at present as i was hoping to be able to manipulate the sound on each individual channel.

I have tried using the preselect project and making my own individual project works the same both ways

Hope this does not sound too confusing

can anyone help

As seen on the Block Diagram of MG166CX, it’s USB only provides 2 channels of audio and these 2 channels are hardwired to STEREO (L/R) buss (pre-fader). If you want to record your guitar and vocals on the different tracks in Cubase, you have to pan them hard left/right in your MG.

This is common (and unfortunate) feature of most cheapish mixing desks with USB interface. You’re not the only one who bought this kind of mixer only to find out it can’t send individual channels to DAW.