Channel strip controls not visible

I’ve just switched to Mac after years of Cubase on Windows. Most things on Cubase 9 make sense, but I’m struggling with the Control Strip.

The module blocks are there, I can turn them on and off, I can select which Compressor or Tape Saturation etc plugin I want … but there are simply no controls visible, just empty boxes. If I move the cursor over the boxes, outlines appear where controls ought to be.

And if I go to the Edit Channel Settings for the individual track, where I’m supposed to also be able to adjust the Channel Strip modules, the same thing … empty boxes. The EQ controls are all visible below that, and the EQ section of the Channel Strip in the Mixer works fine, with the rack showing the small display, which I can adjust easily. So I don’t understand what’s different for the Channel Strip controls.

I know the Control Strip only works with Audio channels. So what am I doing wrong? I’m baffled.

NB. I’ve also just realised that the metering in the Control Room Mixer is also not showing properly.

Many thanks

What version and build of Cubase 7 do you have installed (Cubase menu, About)? What previous versions did you have installed on this system?

Hi Chris — It’s a brand new Mac … no previous installs. And the version is (I think) the current build - 7.0.6 Build 2230. But weirdly it says in brackets (32 bit). I don’t understand, because I thought Cubase 7 was completely 64 bit. Is it telling me I’ve somehow installed a 32 bit version … which I didn’t think existed? I don’t remember any option to choose 32 or 64 bit.

I mean, part of the reason for me spending many thousands to switch to Mac was that I believed I had to move to 64 bit, and if I had to go through that upheaval, it might as well be on a Mac system that simply works. For a change.

Is that possibly the problem? Should I reinstall???

To load in 64 bit, go to Applications. Control-Click on Cubase 7 and choose “Get Info”. There you can uncheck the option to open in 32 bit.

If the channel strip is still empty, I would suggest uninstalling, then reinstalling from the 7.0.2 Complete Installer on Then update to 7.0.6.

Thanks Chris. All solved!

I had originally installed via the 7.0.2 full install and then the 7.0.6 update, but clearly something had gone weird. I don’t know if the fact that I originally downloaded the files on a PC had any effect.

Anyway, switching to 64 bit wasn’t enough to solve the problem, but the uninstall and re-install has now delivered to me all the missing channel strip controls and the meters. So I’m thrilled.

I’m very grateful for the advice.