Channel strip EQ issue solved (+ general troubleshooting tip)

I recently had an issue with the channel strip EQ band 1 and 4 running as bypassed when projects are loaded, until I turned them off then on. Then they work as expected. But this had to be done whenever a project was loaded.

I ran through the usual troubleshooting steps (reinstall, trash preferences, windows update, etc) with Canada support to no avail and it was escalated to Steinberg HQ support.

I was figuring out a way to live with it for the time being and saved a new default EQ preset as well as change the sliders to knobs in the EQ settings. Somehow that appeared to fix the issue.

This is just to add a couple more steps to try as you go through the usual troubleshooting battery.
Try changing some settings of the section that is behaving badly and save a new default preset. You may just help Cubase reset that bad behaviour.