Channel Strip & Rev not available

Hey Folks - When I am using the MR816 (CSX) to record or playback or anything, and I try a channel strip or vst plug in - I receive a window saying nothing is available?

Tried Cubase AI and Cubase 5.

Any thoughts?


Sorry to be rude but; do any of you people EVER read the manual?

I’m quite happy to spend time and help people on this forum but come on, at least read the manual first, or god forbid use the search function in the forum.


you should fill in your hardware specs on your personal page so other users know what you are working with.

if you are using a pc… at the bottom right of the screen find the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver (might be hidden - click arrow to show hidden icons) right click on the icon & choose control panel/ then mr816csx/ finally under settings external fx

good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you…