Channel Visibility Configurations (globally - not per project)


I often use this feature (channel visibility configurations) & have assigned keycommands to view different things such as, audio,instruments, fx, groups, sends, etc

The one issue i have with this is that these are not globally saved but are per project.
My workaround is to start with a empty template which includes my setup, so my key-commands for this actually work.

However, when it comes to opening an old project or even working on a collab which has started in another persons studio, i then find myself reaching to my keycommand/stream deck, which no longer triggers anything as these are not setup in the project.
There is no way to load a preset for all of these & there is no way to set these globally as far as i know.

I would love the ability to be able to set this at a global level so i can always trigger my key-commands with success or at least be able to save the the setup as a preset to quickly load my setup.

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Would a session template help? I think I’m doing a similar thing using my MCU. I have an evolving template session with all my little quirks ready to go.


Same, i have always used a blank template with little things like this, fx sends & etc & have added this to the setup a few years back, but i constantly run into projects where the setup is not present & the key command dont work.

If i open an old project file etc. it’s not there.
Would be a nice little feature upgrade to add either presets or global settings.

Could you import the tracks from older projects into your blank template? A bit of a pain but less painful than setting up all those little preferences on every old/outside project

I also have my mixconsole arranged in a way that I like it so I can use key commands to open and close sections and that would have to be re-set up on all old projects as well.

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It’s a visibility setting that i am talking about, this is not something you can import.

I get what you are saying and I also find it annoying and tedious. Very Cubase. I am asking if it works to import tracks from older projects into a blank project template that has all you settings saved.

Let’s see.

If the use case is to filter types of channels, so that you can view all Audio, or all Groups, or all FX etc, you can use the key commands:

Mixer → Hide: Audio
Mixer → Hide : Groups
Mixer → Hide: Inputs
Mixer → Hide: Instruments
Mixer → Hide: MIDI
Mixer → Hide: Outputs
Mixer → Hide: Returns
Mixer → Hide: VCAs

that are actually Show / Hide Toggles. With a stream deck or other similar device, you can assign 8 buttons and just tap tap tap until you get what you want. It’s not as nifty as a global configuration, but it helps.

But, if we’re taking about a use case as @codeblack describes, that’s not easily possible. “Link Racks to Configurations” is a smart idea. You can have a fully extended Channel Strip at visibility configuration 1, all sends, cues, and direct routing at visibility configuration 2, and you can switch between those lightning fast. But, visibility configurations are only saved per project, so it’s unfortunate that we can’t use this on every project.

I think this could be separate “mixconsole configurations” that we could recall for the racks, without needing to tie them to specific channel visibility settings.

Edit: Sorry guys, I mixed you up. I meant to mention @McBass for the racks, not @codeblack

Yeah i have tried those (but for the arrange window), its actually my curent workaround…
Originally i tried it with the toggle which was a nightmare because i actively do hide & disable tracks regularly… so the toggle would hide everything but the desired track type, but if i already had disabled & hidden tracks, then it would show those…

So i changed it from a toggle to just a single action hide & then i just follow it up with the ‘undo visibility change’ to get back to normal view, without unhiding everything which would cause a mess.

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