Channel Visibility Settings and Not seeing the Right Side of Mixer

Hello all,

I’m having a hard time figuring out the way mixer visibility settings work. I have a project with roughly 300 tracks. 150 midi tracks that control roughly 40 VSTi’s each of which has multiple outputs. Those then get bussed to roughly 9 group tracks that then get bussed to three group tracks that finally get sent to a stereo out.

When I open my mixer, I can only see a small number of those…even when I drag the little square at the bottom that is supposed to scroll the view. I can never seem to get to the group tracks.

If I create a new mixer view with only group tracks I can see everything fine, and I’ve already saved that configuration but it seems that it I have every VSTI output track visible I can’t seem to scroll to the groups and output tracks. I don’t need to see the midi tracks on the mixer so they are set to not be visible.

All the tracks are set to be visible in the visibility tab. I have the VSTi and their outputs set to the left side of the window and the groups/outputs set to the right. It seems if there are a certain amount of channels visible on the left, the right side of the mixer doesn’t display my groups. I remember there was some sort of process that involved this right/center and left setting, but I can’t for the life of me remember the way to do this properly.

TL:DR - I want to have a mixer view that shows a scrollable list of about 100+ VSTi outputs on the left side and a group of 15 Group Tracks and Output tracks on the right. However, due to the number of tracks I’m not seeing the right side of the mixer split.

In the MixConsole there are 3 different ‘areas’ - Left, Right & Center. Of those 3 only the Center can scroll. If the number Channels you have assigned to the Left & Right fills up the available screen-space you won’t see the Center and nothing that is shown will be scrollable. Put the stuff you want to be able to scroll in the Center.

Personally I dock Group & FX Channels on the Right, Input Channels on the Left (and usually set to not be visible) while everything else goes in the Center.


thanks! that makes so much more sense to me. I’ll put the scrollable stuff in the middle!


Also, are you aware that you have 4 independent MixConsoles if you’re using Pro? You could do stuff like put all your MIDI Faders in MixConsole2.

Yeah, I basically had two mixers open before. One with the VSTi and one with the groups!