Channel Volume Keyboard Shortcut


I would like to add the possibility to change the volume to the active audio/instrument channel via a keyboard shortcut.
The perfect fit would be to add a value after the keyboard shortcut is pressed.

Almost simliar to the function “Find Track/Channel” command which I use on a daily basis.
The difference would be that instead of searching for a channel, you set the volume with a value.

Daily use:
The first thing I always do after creating an audio/instrument channel in Cubase is to set the volume.
I usually set this to about -10 or -15 db, It’s very rare that the fader stays on -0 that is the default value.

From a Songwriter/Mixer perspective I find myself often searching for sounds in synths and also samples. This involves a lot of adding and removing channels so this would help me speed up my fast workflow even more.

I think that many of us users does this procedure as well.

My current method now is to either move the mouse and double klick on the volume and enter a value.
Or I will press my shortcut command for editing the channel, tabbing four times and then decrementing the volume to my preferred value.

If this feature exists already, I apologize and please write below where I can find it!

Not sure if it suits you, but:


  • Primary Parameter Increase/Decrease controls volume in steps of 1 dB.
  • Secondary Parameter Increase/Decrease controls pan in steps of 10

when the desired channel has focus in the Mixconsole window.