Channel width fit-to-screen

Is there a “fit to screen width” option in Cubase that will automatically adjust the channel width so that the channels in the mix console are set so that they use all the horizontal screen space?

Here’s my use case: When using the channel visibility feature, and I go from having, say, 30 channels to, say 10 channels visible, I can either set the channel width so that I can see all 30 channels (which means when I switch to 10 channels visible, I’ve got lots of unused screen space), or I can set it so that 10 channels will fill the screen width (which means when I switch to 30 channels visible, I need to scroll left and right to see them all).

It would be so nice if Cubase just adjusted the channel width automatically to use up all that horizontal screen real estate!

This isn’t just for aesthetics: I’ve got my mix console on a second monitor that’s a little farther away from me (and I have bad eyesight), so when the channel width is too small, I literally can’t see the details well enough. Also, the wider the channel width is, the less information (like verbose channel names) get cuts off!