Channel zone does not display "VST Instrument" in Routing tab

Is it planned to have current “VST Instrument” shown in Routing in the Channel (zone) in Cubase 13 upate? Now it is only a part of larger Inspector.

Motivation: To improve the workflow, I prefer have displayed only the function I need and have that function right at hand. Channel zone is a great step to that.
I.e. for me, enough is Fader, VST inserts (hopefully limited to 8 slots in future:
Cubase 13 - "Fixed number of slots" missed (Inspector and Channel tab) - #55 by cubic13), routing (e.g. Stereo out) and “VST Instrument”, which is now unfortunately missing and which I believe is such an important piece of information for most of, at least, electronic music producers.

So would it be possible to add one line with “VST Instrument” to Channel zone to Routing tab?

Note: I would have used Inspector instead, but the Routing tab there has too much info and therefore is too large.

PS: Cubase has great features, but these little things can decide if people want to pay for update or leave for another DAW.


Could you please add the optional feature-request tag?

We call these two Zones as the Channel and the Inspector (you mean probably the Routing tab). Could you please rewrite your request and use the proper banking to make it clear or even to attach a screenshot? Thank you.

Updated as requested. Thank you for your consideration.

I agree that the channel zone has enough functionality to justify not having the inspector open all the time, which is how I use it, but I fear adding that drop down to the channel zone would compromise the focus of its design. If they did add it, ideally it would have its own section that users could show or hide as desired.

Hi Martin, is there any update from Steinberg on this topic?