ChannelEQ: Q-adjustments with Mousewheel

Well, I can’t find a way and this is just a small one but it kills my comfort quite a lot:

How can I set up the Channel EQ so that I can use the Mouswheel to adjust the Q when I edit the curve directly with the mouse… in ALL other EQs which I have and know this is possible - I am not talking about the knobs below - I am talking about dragging an EQ point in the curve with the mouse and then ajusting the Q with the wheel… which key I have to hold down for doing this? I tried everything…

This is a good idea sir.

As it is, you have to hold a modifier (Shift I think) and drag the node up/down
or left/right to change the Q.
This has always felt awkward to me.
The wheel+modifier would be intuitive and probably easier to control.

You should submit this as a feature request.

Aaaah thanks!! At least there is a way to modify without reaching the knobs below - though in my opinion a “Mousewheel” Option is “industry standard”… I will post this in the FR!


Yes please.