Channels 3 & 4 'inactive' in Cubase LE 4 help

Hi all
I have a problem with Cubase le 4

My system is a mixer to a Phonic firefly 808 universal interface fire wire to computer with Cubase le 4

I am only getting 2 recording inputs in cubes 1 stereo
it shows the channels are active but no input for channel 3 or 4 etc.

If I use my adat light pip going through my interface to computer no problem all 8 channels good.

But when the analog thing is no go. But the single is getting to my computer. But not into cubase only the two main channels

Maybe you guys here can help.
This would be most appreciated.


you have added more busses in device setup/inputs?

Thanks for the reply
Not sure what you are saying here.

I have selected say RL channel 1&2 as a stereo for my input and yes I can record.

But when I add say channel 3 as a mono input. I do not get any input. The same if I select another stereo track

Thank you

Please include screenshots of the following displays on your post:

  • *Devices | Device Setup … VST Audio System
    *Devices | VST Connections … Inputs

This might help us to identify your problem

Hi All

Yes thank you for your input on this problem.

I have seem to get it to work by changing My Firefly mixer software settings to
SMUX setting at 96khz 24bit
I think I will only get 4 channels though at this rate. Probably 8 channels at say 48khz. Haven’t tried this yes. But all seems to be well.

I am using a Yamaha O2R with a Phonic firefly 808 universal for interface firwire to a Dell laptop
Certainly seem to give nice recordings with the Cubase le 4 Cubase dose have a few bugs on some track processing. though. Maybe I need an update fix on my ver

Thank you & Cheers