Channels no longer showing name field?

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Anyone else having this? Groups and outputs in the ouput chain just showing numbers, not names…? This happened with 7.03.

Actually, now I’ve realised that the channels name fields are gone everywhere in Cubase except in Mix Console. I have tried to start in safe mode. Same thing. Anyone having an idea what’s going on?


I am having the same problem, it is really difficult to mix or track, are there any workarounds for this. Thanks, Greg

Ok. “Glad” I’m not alone…

Hi Sinking slow,

The problems encountered seem to change substantially from system to system (I’ve been really lucky as I’ve hardly had any problems compared to other users) although in all fairness I guess its hard for Steinberg to test every possible scenario when there are so many potential configurations. However, on account that many people have been forced to roll back to version 7.0.2 I would imagine there should be some kind of hot fix in the pipeline as its a major issue for a new update!

Yes this is the first time a bug has really bugged me :slight_smile:
Apart from this I’m quite satisfied with how Cubase 7 runs on my system. Hopefully they get this fixed soon.


+1 :slight_smile: