Character Styles list

Is it possible to save and have a permanent list of Character Styles like a default user configuration. I want to edit a lot of project already done.
I’m on dorico 3.5 . Possible in 4 ?

If you select the styles you want to use in other projects then click the Star button at the bottom of the list, that saves them as default (ie to your user library).

But realize, @dup, that AFAIK that will not retrospectively change the fonts in existing projects automatically.

It should do, you just might have to re-open the project afterwards if the existing project that doesn’t have the style was already open when you saved it as default.

@Lillie_Harris Thanks but I tried without success?!
here are printscreen:
b another project: empty!

where is the xml of user library to look inside?
I looked at this one:
C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Application Data\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5\userlibrary.xml
but when I click on the star nothing is added to this files ?!

I think you need to have changed something about the style (its font size, style etc) in order for the saving as default action to “stick”. This was also true of paragraph styles in 3.5, so if you search the forum you’ll find discussions about it.

Lillie is right. It’s a multi-stage process.

  1. Create your new style.
  2. Close the Character Style dialog
  3. Re-open the Character style list and then save as default.

Thanks but
I found that the problem is that my Dorico 3.5 don’t write the changes int the xml file:
C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Application Data\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5\userlibrary.xml
As I kept the version 3.0 I tried with it and do as @Lillie_Harris said in his first answer and the file userlibrary.xml is update when I do changes!:
C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Application Data\Steinberg\Dorico 3\userlibrary.xml
For the moment I just copy the data manualy in the userlibrary.xml and it work but strange!

		<entities array="true">
				<name>Music Text</name>
					<fontName>Bravura Text</fontName>
				<name>piano chord diagram</name>
					<fontName>Keyboard Chord Diagram</fontName>