Chasing a cubase pro 10.5 upgrade licence file

Heya, running cubase 9.5 on m 2013 iMac running catalina. It says the best version is 10.5 for my setup. So i downloaded and installed cubase 10.5 but when try to open it i get a bunch of popups asking for activation or licence files… Anybody know what to do or have a licence file for sale?

If you don’t have a license for C10.5 on your eLicenser, you cannot run that version. You can only upgrade to v12, or try to buy a used eLicenser with at least 10.5 on it, with the usual caveats that you really need to be sure of a trustworthy seller…

A license for C11 Pro will also cover C10.5 and earlier versions because the old license system is backwards ‘compatible’.

The new licensing system is NOT backwards ‘compatible’, so buying a non-upgrade C12 Pro license will NOT cover C11, C10.5 or any earlier version.

This is true only when the C12 license is the first one the user buys. If someone updates to C12 from an earlier version, the elicenser held licenses are still valid.

Steve the only reason I didn’t mention that info initially is because it wasn’t relevant to his situation :slight_smile:

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That means you can update to Cubase 12 pro and then you can, with the USB-eLicenser you already have (because you’re running Cubase 9.5), run versions up to 11. Since 12 it uses a new licensing system.

So as I own 9.5. If I pay for cubase 12 upgrade on usb e licence then I can run 10.5?
12 doesn’t run best on my OS and I’m as far as I can go OS wise on my iMac so need 10.5 to run beat with Catalina.
Please inform :slight_smile: