Cheap alternative to Notation Express-Stream Desk

I made a cheap alternative for the (otherwise excellent but a bit pricey) Notation Express- Stream Deck combo. I used a long forgotten numeric keypad, the HID Macro (free) application and some adhesive tape a printer and paper. I did some adjustments in the keyboard shortcuts of Dorico 3 and a few macros in the HID Macro application. For me it is quite ergonomic to use it left to the main keyboard while playing on a small MIDI keyboard on the right. They are 16 shortcuts effectively as the Enter button moves the caret one step. It caters for most of my note input and basic dinamic editing needs.

Just so you’re aware, Notation Express has north of 200 commands. This isn’t really comparable, is it?

Yup. The Stream Desk+Notation Express is about 180$ with 200+ commands, this one is about 5$ with 16+ commands. (If you use the numeric lock key then you can add a few more commands) Nevertheless as I said before, the Notation Express with the Streamdeck is a really excellent software-hardware solution.

I can suggest two more options, for people not interested in nested menus: Novation Launchpad Mini and an old iPad 2 with MetaGrid:

Bonus points: Logitech G600 mouse with tons of buttons :slight_smile:

Cześć Nikola,

How is the novation linked to meta grid? Or do I get something wrong?…