Cheap No-Name Bluetooth Keyboard on MAC issue. CONTROL+COMMAND+"X" ("X" meaning "A" to ";" keys)

Hi! I’m creating this post maybe it would come in handy to someone, someday…

Ok, so the issue some cheap bluetooth keyboards seem to have is that they don’t transmit anything when a letter—specifically keys from [ A ] to [ ; ]—is pressed while the [ CONTROL ] and [ COMMAND ] modifier keys are down.

To overcome this issue, just release the modifier keys shortly before releasing the letter. Note: be careful not to hold the letter key down too long, because if you hold it too long, that individual key (i.e. the letter key) will also be sent (as a separate message / command / event).

I’d be interested to know how many of you—with/without a relic Mac and a cheap bluetooth keyboard—have this problem.

P.S. I posted in the Cubase forum because the Key Commands window (in Cubase) helped me diagnose this issue and—apparently—only Cubase accepts key combinations of this kind (where the key combination is sent only when modifier keys are relased first).