Cheap Piano Plugins

Does anyone have any ideas for good piano plugins that are cheaper? I currently am on a strict budget, but of course, am looking for something decent.

I’m going to try out a few free options as well. Has anyone tried out any of these?

My friend recommended me Salamander piano, so I’m going to give that a shot, but I can spend about $30-$40 if needed for something solid. I’m looking for just a solid sounding upright piano!

Is this a hidden link spam ad?

In case it’s not, I recommend the free Kontakt player from Native Instruments. There are occasional free patches released that are usually pretty good. There are also user-provided patches around the internet for this instrument.

Make sure to get the sound set:

And, finally, Native Instruments have a free sound set download for the “corona times”:

Yes, their stuff also comes with a bunch of EDM sounds, but there are some good pianos (both “e” and “grand”) in their stuff.