Checking licenses bug still there

There is still the bug that Cubase often stops for a few minutes when checking the licences. Often when scanning the VST3 plugins (at least that is the status that is displayed).
Is there no solution for this annoying behaviour? Isn’t this a bug that should be fixed? The problem has been around since Cubase 12 and has been repeatedly reported by users.

When do you experience such a stop? On start-up?

Yes when Cubase starts and scans plugins etc

I have some plugins that need more time during the scan.
But I wouldn’t consider it as a bug. It is like it is.
And it’s something that can’t get improved from the DAW side that much.

But it is not normal for a plugin to take a few minutes to initialise… also, the task manager shows that the process for checking the licences is not responding… isn’t that the Cubase process that presumably checks the Cubase licence or the licence of Steinberg programs? This seems to me to be more of a bug and is not normal behaviour.

I think this is more bad design than a bug. I get this happen after most crashes and anytime I tried to load a video of more than about 30 seconds length (in v12), which also needed a Windows restart or it would persist.

I wonder if you might have some plugin causing the issue, problematic enough to trigger the issue but not enough to cause a crash.

Even Steinberg’s own plugins like VST Connect often seem to be a candidate for these problems (I’ve already removed them).
The whole plugin handling in Cubase is honestly not very good. Yes, probably a design thing, but maybe there is a workaround to get round this problem? Why does “checking the licences” take so long and block the complete start of Cubase?

If there is a workaround I’d certainly like to know what it is. This problem is a PITA when it happens.

I tried it the hard way and tested every plugin and found the error. The Waves shell is blocking Cubase. Waves has a few options to clean it up but I just uninstalled Waves completely and reinstalled it and it worked.
Waves users who also have to wait a few minutes for the VST3 scan when starting Cubase should have a look at their Waves installation, the problem could be there.

Glad to hear you solved the issue. Personally I’d still call it a Steinberg problem though.
It’s one thing having a plugin causing issues or incompatibilities, but for that to knock out the scanning and license checking on start-up, that’s on Steinberg as far as I’m concerned.

I am in the same boat. What I did for testing purposes: I disabled all third party plugins when Cubase starts, Cubase needs around 10-15 seconds for checking any (Cubase?) license (the starting screen says “Initialization: WinRT”), then the hub hangs for another 10 seconds. Starting Cubase with standard settings all third-party plugins disabled, it is the same behaviour, to top it all the audio driver settings pops up and hangs for ca. 15 seconds before you are able to edit any settings…

The entire plug-in handling is very poorly implemented in Cubase!
Either the initialisation runs on an extra thread and does not disturb Cubase when starting. Or a kind of “No Respond timer” would also be good if a plugin is not finished for 3s, it is put on a temporary blacklist. The temporary blacklist can then be processed in the background or a message can be displayed to the user that plugin XYZ is taking too long to initialise and that the developer should be contacted.

I had to wait several minutes (!) and that is a disaster. Especially as the display in the start dialogue is completely useless, it should show what is actually being processed or which plugins are being attempted to be loaded.