Child window borders shifted right by 10px on Windows 10

Has anyone else run into an issue with any Cubase version running on Windows 10 where the window contents of some dialogs are shifted to the right around 10px until the window is selected and dragged?

It happened to me on 10.5 and I reported it in a support ticket with Steinberg and they told me it’d be fixed in the next minor release (which I’m still waiting to test). I really, really, really, utterly and thoroughly hate the UI changes in 10.5 and don’t depend on any of the new features so I went back to 9.5 which I preferred greatly and it was happening there as well.

I figured what can you do? Weirdly, it stopped happening a month ago and all window contents started aligning properly and I was quite happy. Tonight it started happening again however.

I have reinitiated my Cubase folder in %appdata%/Steinberg/, tried running it in Windows 8 compatibility mode, and made sure my GPU drivers are up to date (AMD Radeon Vega 64), but no go.
Because it started working correctly for a while, I’m thinking it may not be a Cubase bug at all but perhaps something with Windows I can fix. But I can’t find anything on forums or google at all.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the issue.

Yes, same here (Nuendo 10.3).
You have to maximize and resize the window OR simply move the window a little to get around that bug.

I think I got it: The miscalculation happens only if you disable “Show shadows under windows” in System Properties -> Advanced -> Visual Effects.
EDIT: No, sorry, not correct. It is still wrong after reverting the project.

Until a fix is available, I’ve found that leaving Studio > Mixconsole and Studio > Audio Connections always open and ALT+TAB through the windows is more bearable that click and drag each improperly rendered window to reset the border areas. Here’s hoping for a successful fix in the next minor release of 10.5!

Also, I found that this bug has been brought up elsewhere in the forum: