Children of Men / J. Tavener - Mother of God Here I Stand (Dorico Pro & EastWest Hollywood Strings)

Hi there, here is my attempt to achieve best legato possible with this piece. One of the hardest mockup I ever created. EW Hollywood Strings was the best as they have by far best legato behaviour.


Nice. The end with the sfz (I’ll assume because it’s too small for my eyes) could use a little humanization but those EW low strings are exceptional.

Is that a custom playback template (custom expression maps) or was this driven by noteperformer hopus?


It sounds beautiful. Any reason why you didn’t put dynamics in the score and put all the dynamics in by hand in the PLAY editor?


Thank you, the articulations was done by me, directly in Dorico. Custom mapping.

The standard dynamics marking is not enough to achieve realism. As you can see in cc expression window, there are a lot of deviations accross all instrument sets. It was not done by hand, it will takes ages to complete. I used external midi controller. That way I can control dynamics in natural way. Great that Dorico supports realtime recording of cc controls.

Nice mock-up, and maybe the notation was not your main concern. But: I find the rhythmic notation a bit weird, with a lot of unnecessary ties and pseudo-syncopation. Your 12/4 bars behave like they are in groups of three (like a 12/8), where the actual piece sounds like it consists of groups of four crotchets. Also the notated 8/4 tries to suggest a 3+3+2 rhythm that isn’t there at all. I would enter the 12/4 as [4+4+4]/4 and the 8/4 as [4+4]/4 in the TS popover, it would make for a much cleaner score.

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EW libraries are underrated because of the amount of effort needed to take full advantage of their capabilities. The Hollywood series is definitely and exceptional library – even the Symphony Orch. series was exceptional for it’s time.

Thank you, you are absolutely right. What you can see is original score transcript but the recording sounds different to it. I was after sound in this case. Dont know why it was performed differently in soundtrack but I try to stay with that rather than score itself.


I’ve got Hollywood Choirs, and I would love to use it with Dorico, but I got so many stuck notes that I gave up.


Feel free to DM me. I have no problems with choirs (don’t use it much though … )

I have no stuck notes with Hollywood Choirs – indeed I’m writing a piece using them just now. Which player are you using? I still have more oddities with Opus than Play 6.1.9. And I assume you’re referring to Wordbuilder (no point in using that choir otherwise in my view)?

This debate is going outside of topic but it is no problem. Tavener’s piece was originaly writtwn for choirs and I want to recreate it wit EW choirs. I stop doing it after I realise that if you want to start listen in middle of piece you need to point coursor in Wordbuilder in resoective words, everytime. This is not effective at all and probably at this time I will be still at page one…

if only it were that simple! In fact the only way you can get the text to start from a specific cursor position is to use the DAW Synch feature which to me is far more trouble than it’s worth. I just copy the text to the top in WB to test from a particular position. Yes it is time-consuming but if you want to use a choir which sings text, you have currently no other alternative.

Otherwise you just settle for strings as you’ve done, though whether EW Hollywood strings has the best legato is very much open to debate. The sound is quite expressive, I will grant that.

I always reserve wordbuilder work until after all notes are in the score. My default is votox ‘a’ for composing. When I work in wordbuilder, it is detached from Dorico and I save the text to be loaded up when the composition is complete.

sometimes I won’t do the Wordbuider stuff until much of the score is written but if I have the patience – which I did have on the work I’ve just been doing – it’s nicer to get an idea as you go along and at least this way, error are more quickly spotted. If the text in is English, it’s possible to simply copy/paste directly from the Dorico lyrics line into WB English but some corrections are invariably necessary. Actually even with Latin which is fairly phonetic, it’s worth trying pasting directly into votox although of course some changes will need to be made.

This is beautiful! If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind sharing the .dorico file with me? :blush:

The file is pretty big - 30 Mb, please send me email address in PM. Also if anyone else would like this file, please PM me.

Thank you so much. I sent you my email address:)