Chill version of JS Bach Minuet in G Major

This is very nice. Considering the raw material, it’s hard to screw up Bach (but I’m sure it’s been done!). Your production and instrumental choices all fit well and made sense. I liked the subtlety of what you did with the guitar because some people would’ve taken that as an excuse to “shred”, or get otherwise heavy handed. The almost early 60’s drum beat was cute too. It’d be truly amazing to ever be able to see what types of things the likes of Bach might’ve produced on a modern DAW.
Good job with this.

I’m just a hobbyist who learned some piano as a young kid, back in the 60s.
Amazing technology we have access to today.

Nicely done, particularly liked the guitar bit…


Nice job. So easy listening. :+1::+1::+1:

It was fun producing it.

Ha ha, that was fun! Not sure Johann would have appreciated it, but I did!


Fun stuff! I got a kick out of the 6-string electric bass image in the video for some reason.

Thanks for sharing … :sunglasses:

Glad you enjoyed it.