Chilled Scabs Version 2 (steel guitar added)

I hate to post unfinished songs but my living situation just isn’t allowing me to record any vocals right now, so …

Here’s my first attempt at combining a direct input acoustic (Gibson J-45 with L.R. Baggs M1 Passive soundhole pickup) and AmpliTube electrics and bass.

I would appreciate any general comments on the balance of the mix - still in learning mode here :blush: .


New version:

Hi Scab,
I listened to the song and nothing stands out to me as out of balance, etc., BUT, there isn’t much happening yet in the song. Looking forward to hearing it with some vocals and other “filler”.

I second J.L.'s remarks. Sounds balanced, waiting for a song to appear. The direct acoustic input is working well for this.


Sounds very good. Were all the guitars done with the Gibson?

Thanks for listening guys. It’s good to know I’m somewhere close on the mix so far.

I used my Tele for the clean vibrato style guitar and my PRS for the crunchy stuff and the lead break. Fender P-Bass for the, well … the bass :slight_smile: .

I talked to a friend of mine who plays pedal steel yesterday and sent him an .mp3 to check out. Hopefully I can bring my laptop and old Tascam US-144mkII over to his house within the next couple of weeks and record some takes. I think it will add a lot to this track. Then if I can figure out how to get my lyrical juices flowing again I might have something!

yup, I’m hearing the possibilities in this. bit of a tom petty influence maybe. mix seems tight, cool to hear it now and then see how it develops. in my old drummin days my buddy always played a fp bass, I know that deep woody sound intimately.

Yes, this is chilled all right! :sunglasses:

Sounds good to me, but it could do with something extra, like the others said.
That pedal steel sounds like a good idea.


Well, I had a very limited time frame (less than 2 hours start to finish) to record some steel guitar at my friend Jeff’s house last weekend. I just went direct into my old TASCAM to keep things simple. I’ve worked on the mix off and on throughout the week. Here’s the current version …

I’m having a hard time getting the different sounds to blend well together. It’s still not much of a “song” but hopefully it will be transformed with some vocals at some point. I think I’ll put in on the back burner for now.

Any comments or suggestions would be, as always, greatly appreciated.


still getting a tom petty kind of feel but the steel seems to add a bit of a country flavour to it. I imagine a good vocal harmony is going to work great.
forgive me though, I get the feeling it could be faster now, :blush:

The steel sounds great. I don’t know what kind of song it wants to be because you haven’t written a melody yet, but the backing sounds good, and you should keep going on it.

Thanks for giving it another listen guys.

Bob, I tend to agree with you at this point that the tempo does seem like it might be dragging a bit. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll redo this whole thing if it turns into something worthwhile. I guess I’ll address that issue then.

Early, I’m glad you like the steel. I’ll tell Jeff about the positive feedback.

Not bad. I thought the drums could come up considerably.

I await a melody and/or lyrics on this :sunglasses:

Thanks for checking it out, Doug. It looks like you had a nice little listening session tonight. I appreciate your comments and will check the drum levels when I revisit this one.