Chillin' At The Lounge

I recently considered posting the topic “Thank You Loungers” out of respect for those individuals who regularly visit this forum. I have a netbook that I usually leave at the small CNC machine shop I work at so I can keep up on important things like tracking shipments of new gear and online banking so I can watch my credit card balance grow.

One of the things I look forward to is taking my lunch break and logging on to the forums. Most of the time I stay hidden because I don’t want people thinking I’m a spook who is always here but never posts. I post if I think I might have something worth mentioning but not very often.


I would still like to say “thank you” for all the things I have learned and all the laughs.

With respect,

You’re welcome, Scott!

Good to have you around. :slight_smile:

I wish some people would take a leaf out of your book :wink:

i agree 100% with you sir ,i now wonder how for all these years i survived with out the forum for tips and hints .good people +good knowledge = good inspiration .
I mustn’t forget the belly aching non understandable threads that some members leave i also thank you !!!


I’d like to do the same. Even though lately I haven’t had much time to get involved in the occasional music-related topic I have learned alot in many aspects of engineering, plus learned a number of tricks from the Cubase program that I hadn’t known existed. First and foremost are things like mid-side processing, compressor / limiter / expander, and many aspects about EQ. I am much more comfortable making changes and knowing what they do, training the ear to listen for them, etc… than I had been previously.

I would also like to think I’d been helpful in some ways, in the technical side, getting Cubase stable, computers up and running, etc…

So thanks all. :slight_smile:

— +1 —

OMG, without the helpful people on this forum answering my questions I’d probably be using my 1970s TEAC reel-to-reel to try and record things!

So THANK YOU :smiley: :smiley: to all those that have helped me … and also who have helped others, because I learn immensely from those threads as well.

Happy Tunes to all!

Aloha Scott and +1

Yeah we’re chillin’ at the lounge,
There’s some chillin’ at the lounge,
Into this lounge we’re borne,
Check it online every morn,
If you give this duck some pie,
Sweet memories will fly,
Chillin’ at the lounge…

(to the music of Riders of the Storm)

A 20th Century Fox would make short thrift of Ceiling Duck. Just saying.

Or thought shrift.

What’s with all the Ducks ?

I am looking out of my window at a pond in the field and there are 3 Mallard ducks doing a mating ritual, splashing water all over the place :laughing:

One of you fall from the ceiling ?

A duck walks into a pharmacy, and asks for Chapstick. The cashier says, “Cash or check?” and the duck says, “Just put it on my bill.”


Reminds me of that old Not The Nine O’Clock News sketch where a guy (not a duck) walks into a Swedish chemists and asks for a deodorant.
Chemist (in ludicrous Swedish accent): Ball or aerosol?
Customer: Neither. I want it for my arm pits.

Paul Bryce said

What’s with all the Ducks? I am looking out of my window at a pond in the field and there are 3 Mallard ducks doing a mating ritual, splashing water all over the place > :laughing: >

It just means more ducks that’s all.