Chillout tune- "Good Catches"

Just finished. Planning on uploading some more of my old tracks as well in the near future, but feel free to check out the other ones on the site if interested.

“Good Catches”

First thought is that the song would be much, much better without that male speaking voice that almost raps at times. It detracts from the tone of the music and the atmosphere in a negative way. It completely ruins the kind of tranquil atmosphere that the other collection of sounds achieve well.

I like the combination of the synths, piano and guitar that you’ve put together, I think it’s all a little dry with the reverb though. I’d say experiment with different kinds of reverb. Definitely a bigger kind with a longer reverb tail such as the Hamburg Cathedral 4.0s rear mic’d from QL Spaces. Although, I don’t know what the equivalent settings for that would be in REVerence or something. The reverb is too dry to reflect the kind of soundscape that the imagery and sounds is trying to provide.

The delay on the single note at 4:10 is nice, I’d like to hear some more experimenting with layering stuff up throughout similar to that idea. The other Flight track has some really cool sounds in it, really nice futuristic vibe. Inner Paradise has a nice balance of sounds, enjoyable to listen to. Good sounds overall though, well done.

Very nice. Thought it was very cool. Seemed to me the rap was the point or feature of it, not just an afterthought. Chilled me out!

Nice mood music ruined by the voice I reckon…Kevin

Can’t listen to it, for some reason it redirects me to my own soundcloud dashboard? :confused:

Back in the 80’s, I used to see a dentist who, whenever he would be doing any painful drilling, would give me a shot of novacaine, and then have me breathe in nitrous oxide to make me ‘float away’ and be distanced from the discomfort,
which it did quite effectively. I used to bring my walkman with me and listen to my music with headphones while the dentist did his work. Once, while drifting on the nitrous and listening to Stanley Clark’s instrumental interpretation of a Stevie Wonder tune, I was shaken by the dr and his female assistant. I opened my eyes and took off the headphones because they had such concerned looks on their faces. “Are you OK?” said the girl.

I just smiled and said “this is a really good tune!” The dentist laughed and told her “Ahhh, he’s just enjoying the buzz.”

For some reason, I closed my eyes while listening to this and was brought back to that day. The music even seems
to have provided the nitrous high! :laughing:

Nice work Benjamin! :slight_smile:

the voice in the piece didn’t bother me.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback. I use Valhalla Room for the reverb, though to admit, this is the 1st track I’ve used it on instruments. I didn’t want to make it too washed out, I wanted the instruments to speak and not act as background muzak, so I kept it light. I might fiddle with it a bit more however. The voice was a part I was contemplating about keeping or leaving, but in the end after throwing it through some filters, I thought it worked out quite nice, and I’ve gotten some good feedback in that regard from the local crew. I suppose it will remain controversial however. Getting it mastered within next few weeks, hopefully will solve the ‘dry’ observation.

Thanks again, really appreciate what everyone had to say!


Link seems to work now, new soundcloud doesn’t always work very well apparently :slight_smile:

I think it’s really good, have no problems with the voice either!

Hi Ben,

I like this, nice blend of styles.
I think the voice fits perfectly.