Chimpspanner is back!!

Paul Ortiz aka Chimpspanner has posted a video (progressive metal) in the Made with Cubase forum.
Check it out. Absolutely amazing. Paul used to post his tunes for critique here a number of years ago,
until he realized that we were screwing up his mixes. :laughing:
He actually plays/records the drums on a keyboard in realtime with his fingers!

Nice to see one of our own out making it in the real world!

:sunglasses: Go Chimpspanner!


Ahem, and wot’s wrong with that? You mean there is some other way?

I’ve always done it this way too - except when I cheat and use Jamstix, but most musicians can spot Jamstix from a country mile away, so I rarely use it these days and when I do, I export all the sounds individually and compress, gate and EQ the crap out of them so people can’t tell that Jamstix stock drum sound :laughing: I mostly use Steven Slate Drums these days played off my midi controller in real time.

I sometimes have to go back in to the MIDI editor and fine tune a few things, but stay away from quantizing.

For my electronic projects though I use drum racks in Ableton Live, and use a combination of step entry and real time programming and sometimes do go for a 1/16 quantize. For this I tend to use the drum machines samples which come with Live Suite, such as the 808, 909, Linn etc samples.

I never knew Chimpspanner (excellent moniker), so will try and take a listen/watch the vid etc.

I don’t mean ‘build’ a drumtrack on keys, I mean he plays the whole bloody kit in one go,
and he’s amazing at it.

Here’s a demo of him, and this is one of his simpler performances: