Chipset H170 + i7 7700 with Cubase 8.5 / 9

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking at the new Dell XPS 8920. It’s running the H170 chipset along with the i7 7700 (there’s also an i7 7700k option)

Just wondered if anyone had issues with that combo and Cubase 8.5 or 9?

Their full spec is as follows:

Windows 10 Home
I7 7700
16GB of 2400Mhz DDR4 (Max 64GB)
256GB SSD for OS
2 GB 7200rpm HDD
Nvidia GTX1080 (8GB)
Chipset H170


EDIT: Changed/rephrased the question :slight_smile:

I use 7700 (not the K version), works great for soft-synths and audio.

Cubase 9.0.20
16GB RAM 2400
PRIME H270-PLUS/CSM (Intel® H270 chipset)
Intel i7 7700 CPU

Thank you for replying, it’s good to know you’re not having any problems! :slight_smile: That looks very similiar to a spec I’ve been looking at on an audio PC site!

oh one more thing, buy a 4k monitor, so much room, to organize your editor and tracks.

Hi, i use as a computer a mini ITX machine i built myself using

i7 7700 + Motherboard Asrock Z270-m + UR22 + as keyboard a nanokey2 korg (no kidding ahahah, i use it mainly for notation software) and a Pianodisc ProRecord III on a yamaha U1 to record mainly piano / keyboard stuff. (i plan to buy a irig pro key 37 to record synth stuff (but i heard that the usb connector is a piece of cr*p…), because the piano is really not suited for anything else, like bass, synth , lead etc…) and the nanokey has an horrible velocity response (and anyway 25 keys is not enough feven for a bass part)
(why i sold my Motif 8 ? WHY !! ).

anyway i’m running Cubase 9.0.20 and all this work pretty smooth, no real issue except one !

i entered the world of cubase a LONG time ago in a galaxy far far away, and as a e-licencer key, i was using an old one, shipped with Cubase SX (1 or 2 i don’t remember). this key is incompatible with the H/Z 270 chipset (or maybe with asrock , i don’t know).
so if you have an issue with the licence at start up with your new 7700, think about buying a brand new e-licencer usb key, it’s very possible that the issue will be fixed with the new dongle (it’s fixed mine and some other people on this forum).