Choir - Reduction, split into individual lines, add solo


I’m trying to write a choir piece that goes from monophony to homophony, which is easy enough to do in the choir reduction. However, at the end a soloist is to appear over that. Would anyone have a tip on how to set that up more easily? For instance, I don’t want the solo line to appear on the previous pages. Is there a way to hide that part until I need it?


Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves.

Yes, you can hide empty staves: look at Layout Options > Vertical Spacing.

If your changes in staffing occur in ‘sections’, you could use separate flows with different Players for each section. If the changes occur mid-way through the music, you’ll want a different approach.

With Solo Players, you can add an extra staff at any point - even in the middle of a system. With Section Players, you can create divisi passages, where one staff splits into two or more, even Solo and ‘the rest’.

One possibility it to use SATB players, and just use the S and B for the choir reduction, hiding the empty Alto and Bass staves. Then just use different voices for each part, and create the Solo S with one of the techniques above. Or just have a Player and hide the empty staves!

I wouldn’t use condensing, as that’s really for instrumental parts.

Thank you!

The changes happen mid-way. I just tried playing around with the reduction, but when I try to split Soprano and Alto into two staves it automatically also creates divisi arrows for the bass clef but doesn’t actually split the part into two… Trying to see if there’s an easier way for all this than to have to create separate flows…

Try not using the reduction player, but ‘faking it’ with two separate Players.

I was able to create the first two flows with reductions etc., however, now when I try to get all parts to come back in for the third flow, something is going wrong: as soon as I add another part, it overrides the previous one, seemingly only allowing me to have one part total in the third flow…

See attachment.

Anybody know why this is happening?

That’s because you have Hide Empty Staves turned on across the whole layout. The staves are there; they’re just empty so they’re hidden. Switch to Galley View, put some notes in, and watch the staves reappear magically in Page View.

Ha, thank you!