Choked piatti cymbals notation

Is there any way to write ‘choked’ cymbals in Dorico that also plays back?
The customary + playing technique doesn’t seem to do anything. I know the cymbal player can read it. But I wonder if there is a better form of notation, or one that plays back.

If you’re using the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template and you’re using the ‘Clash cymbals’ instrument, then in theory adding the ‘Choke (Weinberg)’ playing technique to a regular note should do the trick; this playing technique is found between ‘center’ and ‘+’ on the second row of the Unpitched Percussion section of the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode.

Hi, Daniel. What am I doing wrong not getting the playback of the choked cymbal?

Also, if I use my Spitfire BSO Pro sounds how can I set up the choke playback technique because it’s not working in there too?

Thank you for any help,
Orchestration 2 Exercise 5.2.dorico (3.1 MB)