Choose between legacy vst and newer vst3 versions of the same plugin?

I have some presets that are unique to legacy vst instruments. I cannot choose the legacy VST since Cubase always loads the newer VST3 version. In other words, is it possible to choose the legacy plugin from the VST folder (as distinct from the VST3 folder) ? I am assuming of course that both the VST and VST3 versions are 64-bit plugins.

(I know that Ableton provides this possibility.)

That depends on the plugin.

Some of them are replacement versions, then you can load only the newest version installed, some are separated plugins with its own ID then you can load the old versions.

Which plugins are the ones you need?


Thanks for your suggestion. So, it’s basically straight forward: the different versions should be given different names like mk1, mk2 etc.

(I am looking at different versions of Dexed.)


Dexed wasn’t available as VST2 as far I can see on the Github page.

I do have a ‘Dexed.vst’ from an old machine.

dexed.vst could mean everything, but it’s not a VST2 plugin, since these are .dll files.

I don’t know much about .dll files;

MacOS uses a different format which are “dylibs” … Both the “Dexed.vst” and Dexed.vst3 in MacOS are fully packaged with each containing the dylibs and executable.

Coming back to my original topic, some DAWs (Ableton, for instance) parse plugins according to their respective file paths so the *.vst and *.vst3 plugins are read as two different plugins. It would seem that Cubase parses plugins based on their UIDs and not file paths based on the fact that the VST3 loading takes precedence over its VST counterpart?