Choose default synth for imported MIDI files in Cubase

Hello all.
I’m trying to help a friend of mine who wants to edit midi files in his Cubase LE on his windows PC.
For this, he wants to use the Roland Sound Canvas plugin.
Usually, if a midi file is imported into Cubase, Halion opens as default.
Sound Canvas is downloaded and can be used as instrument in his Cubase.

Is it possible to make the Roland Sound Canvas the default/preferred synth to open when midi files are imported into the projects, and if so, how is this done?


Actually, I just had a look, no VST instrument is automatically loaded upon midi file import. Only plain midi tracks.

Really, the person should post the question their self.

Thank you for your input.

In both my Cubase (12 Pro) and my friends’ (LE), Halion Sonic automatically opens as the sound source/synth whenever midi files are imported. Doesn’t this happen in your case?
I thought maybe it was possible to make Sound Canvas act like the default synth player instead of a VST instrument. The workaround I made, was to load SoundCanvas as instrument, and then drag/drop the midi file into Cubase (if I import, Halion is autmatically loaded). But by doing it that way, it won’t read the tempo or ie. ritardandos etc.

My friend doesn’t even know what to ask for - to even call them noob would be a gross overstatement.

No, here on Cubase LE 12

Others might have more help for you though.

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You can’t change the default VST plug-in that’s loaded when importing MIDI files. If you have the MIDI import destination set to “Halion Sonic SE multi-timbral” (which is the default option), you can just click the name of the Halion Sonic SE plug-in after loading a MIDI file to replace it with any other plug-in.

All MIDI channels will be automatically routed to this new plug-in.

Thank you. I’ll look further into that.
We tried what you suggested earlier, but the Sound Canvas didn’t show up as an alternative.