choose moxf8 voices in cubase elements 10

Hello, how can I choose voices from my moxf in Steinberg cubase elemets le 10.
I have installed the Moxf voice banks via => Studio => More options => Midi device manager. And then I go back to a track to choose voice but I can’t see a bank or don’t know what to do to find the voicebank to choose.

I want to choose differents voices on differents tracks in cubase elements le 10 for example track 1 piano, track to organ

i can choose on cubase at Input track all midi and yamaha moxf6 / moxf8 8-1 till -8-5
in Output i can choose Microsoft GS and Yamaha moxf6 / 8

i hope someone can help me.
sorry for my bad english


First set the MIDI Device you have created, as an Output. Then you can choose the sound from the very same place, as you can set a program while using other MIDI Out.

Isn’t there a VSTi editor for MX49? That is even more comfortable. Then you can set even all sound parameters directly in the plug-in.