Choose own automation parameters

Hey Everyone!
I am just wondering, is there a way to choose specific automation parameters from the automation drop down menu on the tracks?
I am mostly using the level sends when i automate and i would like to choose them directly from the menu.



Yes it is possible. Click to the More… at the end of the top list of the menu, you just sent. New window appears, here, you will find all parameters available.

Ok, but what i mean is how to customize the dropdown list.
How can i get for example only levels parameters in the drop down menu so i can reach them fast?

I see, unfortunately, it’s not possible to customize this dropdown menu list.

It is far quicker to turn on automation write, hit play and touch the send you want to change.
That should open an automation lane, for that parameter.

Yes, this is most common workaround. With all internal Steinberg plug-in, you can just right-click to the parameter you want to automate, and select Show “xxx” Automation Track. This is allowed for all VST 3 plug-ins. So even 3rd party plug-ins are able to do so.

Thanks for your responses!
I think the quickest way right now is to do as Martin says and go in to the channel settings editor and rightclick on the fx send and press select Show “xxx” Automation Track.
Thanks for the help!

This would be a nice suggestion to post over in the feature requests forum.