choosing off-station seating vs static discharge


This is a bit off-topic from recording, but nevertheless related to recording environments :slight_smile:

I’m juggling currently for replacing a large sofa in my studio for 2 space-saving seats, and considering a faux-suede model and a vinyl one. I’d like advices and experiences (and suggestions) about this.

However, I’m scared about any material that would generate ‘‘static electricity’’ especially when seasons favour this…

Note: this won’t be my ‘‘working seats’’ but basically the relaxing ones. I have a digital mixer, computers, lots of stuff - audio interface and so on in there that can be damaged but I’m unsure how real this problem can be - aren’t all these devices sort of ‘‘grounded’’ thus discharge a human can do at contact would be canalized, avoiding any issues ?

I’m reading :

'Although you can create an electric charge by pressing materials together and pulling them apart, rubbing them together works even better, except in the case of something sticky like tape.

One unfortunate result from saying that rubbing materials creates this electric charge is that most people think that friction causes the charges to build up. It is not friction that causes the spark, rather it is the adhesive forces that pull off electrons.

Dry human skin and rabbit fur have the greatest tendency to give up electrons when rubbed on something and become positively ( + ) charged. Teflon and vinyl have the greatest tendency to become negatively charged ( - ) when rubbed. If you want to create it, rubbing fur on teflon should give the best results.’’

The 2 models I am currently thinking of (forget the colour…) :

The suede model:

The vinyl model:

Thanks in anticipation,