Choosing VST2 or 3 for VEP

Hi, new to Cubase on W8 (and loving it). I’d like to load the VST3 version of VEP in the VST instruments list, but I see no way to choose between the two versions. :cry:
And putting the VST3 versions in the VST plugins folder doesn’t seem to give me access to them either. :angry:

The manual (which btw I don’t find very well written or complete) isn’t of much help. Any ideas?

I am using SSL Duende and I have deleted the VST 2.4 version.

As I have noticed I can open a VST plugin on an insert even while Cubase is in playback as occasionally I do and no thud or noise results (except when engaging internal modules of the plugin itself).

I don’t have too many VST3 plugins bar SB’s own but I assume they are more self-contained as there seems to be only one file per plugin and they can be moved anywhere on the system so long as the plugin location is set.


I’m on Win 7, my VST3 folder is located in “C:\Programs\Common files”. This is where I have been adding VST3 plugins and it works (I think it is the default, as I don’t remember changing anything related to this).

I would think Win 8 would use the same location, hope this helps.

Yes, Windows 8 uses the same location. A bit more precisely, here:
“C:\Programs\Common files\VST3”

Can you see the /// ( VST3) next to VEP inputs, Server in the instruments list?

I use VST3’s with VEP 5 all the time. Make sure they’re in the right folder (which is NOT the ordinary VST 2.x folder), as others have suggested. Oh, and don’t forget to use the VST3 version of VEP, or else it’s obvious why it’s not working… :laughing: